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    twintangibles is a consultancy of the digital age.

    Our expert advice and guidance on crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, knowledge management and transfer, innovation, collaboration and social technologies will transform your business.

    We help organisations thrive and create value in a rapidly changing business world.

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    Crowd Empowerment Can Strengthen Local Democracy

    The Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy makes a strong case for reinvigorating local democracy. Crowd empowered approaches can help..

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  • DIY Crowdfunding - The Report

    A rapidly emerging trend in crowdfunding is that of taking a project "off platform" and running it on your own website in a DIY or Direct mode. But why, when and how should you do this and what is driving the rapid expansion of this sector?

    Learn the answers to all this and more in the new DIY Crowdfunding report. Available now!

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  • Crowdfunding - The Scottish Perspective

    On 27th June, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce released “Crowdfunding – The Scottish Perspective”, a report developed by twintangibles. To find out what it says, how to get a copy, and to hear what we had to say about it on Good Morning Scotland just choose to "find out more!"

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  • Civic Crowdfunding

    Together with Architect Alessio Barollo, we produced a report on the current state of civic crowdfunding in Europe and in the US. It gives an overview of some of the main platforms and the most interesting projects.

    To download a FREE copy read more

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  • Are You Thinking of Crowdfunding?

    Then you should contact us and find out when our next crowdfunding preparation workshop is running or ask us to come and audit your preparations with our specialist TAMP process. There is no better way to plan for a successful campaign

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Our consultancy services include expert advice and strategy development in crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, knowledge management and transfer, and all aspects of the application of social and disruptive technologies.

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We undertake commissioned & self initiated research. Many of our reports are made public and topics have included crowdfunding, social media, crowdassets and open innovation. The spread of social and collaborative technologies mean our research is increasingly relevant to all sectors.

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Our research provides an excellent insight into innovative trends and topics that can become the focus of events and conferences. We use our knowledge base to curate the content of many events across Europe. Events, like research, can be self-initiated or commissioned.

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In the course of our work we create resources that others may find useful.
Many of these are shared under creative commons licences and are accessible to anyone.
Slides, papers, podcasts, and more are available

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