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Crowdfuture 2013: the full programme

Crowdfuture is less than two weeks away and the full programme is finally here! It’s well worth waiting for: 45 national and international speakers covering what crowdfunding is now and giving a glimpse into where it might go in the near future.

The day will start with Ivana Pais and Daniela Castrataro of the Italian Crowdfunding Network presenting the latest report on the Italian crowdfunding market. Last year’s report, released shortly after the first edition of Crowdfuture and viewed almost 60K times in its Italian version, counted 12 platforms. Now the number is almost 4 times as many and Italy has progressed a long way from where it was last year, not least becoming the first country in Europe to create specific regulations for equity crowdfunding. A good part of the conference will be dedicated to this subject, but before that, we will be honoured to have with us the first keynote of the day, Kevin Miller from RunRev. Kevin is the founder and CEO of RunRev, an Edinburgh based software company and makers of LiveCode, and with his team they managed to raise more than £490,000 on Kickstarter, with an excellent campaign that he will tell us about (you can read more about Kevin and RunRev here). After Kevin’s speech, 5 parallel tracks will start. One on Gamification, coordinated by Leo Sorge, will seek to explore the link between crowdfunding and Gamification. Claudio Bedino of Starteed, will tell us about the similarities between inherently gamified approaches and inner motivations of the people crowdfunding. Federico Pacilli co-founder of Baasbox, an open source software for mobile apps, and Marcello Mari social media manager at GlobalWebIndex and reporter at TechEconomy will talk about motivational design inside social networks and the relevance of the quality of big data collected to gamification processes and big data analysis, as well as in decision making processes. Finally, Marco Strano, psychologist and “cyber criminologist” will compare two psychopathologies: crowdfunder Vs app user.

The civic crowdfunding track, curated by Alessio Barollo and Tim Wright, will address this novel funding tool for civic purposes. Alessio will introduce the track explaining civic crowdfunding as a method to drive processes with the aim to create interaction between the public administration, citizens, associations and enterprises with the target of financing public works of urban regeneration. We then have a video made especially for the conference by ZUS, the people behind one of the best examples of civic crowdfunding so far, the pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam. Another video will show us Rhizomatica, a company with a mission to increase access to mobile telecommunications to people without affordable coverage or none at all. They will talk about technology for developing communities in less developed countries. Francesco Cingolani, architect and blogger, will talk about crowdfunding as an attempt to give a new social role to material goods. Finally a panel moderated by Chiara Spinelli will look at civic crowdfunding and participative budgeting, with the help of Angelo Rindone of Produzioni Dal Basso, Stefano Stortone, Emmanuele J. Pilia and Francesco Cingolani, comparing the views of experts from various fields (economics, computer science, architecture, crowdfunding) united by projects or ideas about the potential of communities (both online and offline) to develop, implement and fund projects.

Then we will have the EU regulation track, curated by the European Crowdfunding Network and the international law firm Osborne Clarke. After an introduction by Umberto Piattelli, a partner at Osborne, on the situation of regulation of crowdfunding in Europe, there will be a speech by Mattia Corbetta of the Italian ministry of Economic Development who will explain the genesis of the Regulation, why it has been incorporated into Italian law, and how it will support innovative startups and economic development. A panel will follow, a discussion between Daniela Castrataro of the Italian Crowdfunding Network, Kieran Garvey of the UKCFA, Luke Lang of Crowdcube, Carlo Allevi of WeAreStarting (Italian equity-based platform currently applying to be included in the CONSOB’s operators register), and Lionel Slusny of the European Crowdfunding Network, moderated by David Blair of Osborne Clarke.

Finally, there will be the Legal Aspects track that will look into the legal aspects from a national point of view. The track is curated by the LUISS University and will see a talk by two researchers from the prestigious university, Casimiro Nigro and Roberta Mangione, followed by another talk by Alessandro Portolano and Claudio di Falco, from the prestigious legal firms – respectively – Chiomenti and CGSH. To complete the session, a panel featuring Maria Mazzarella from Consob, the Italian Financial Authority; Leonardo Frigiolini, CEO at Unicasim, a financial intermediary who will launch one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in Italy; Francesca Brunori from Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation; Luca Enriques from LUISS University; and Salvatore Rizzo from the Banca Interprovinciale di Modena. All coordinated by Prof. Gian Domenico Mosco of LUISS.

Last but certainly not least, Luke Lang from Crowdcube will make a final keynote, and as one of the world’s most experienced equity crowdfunding entrepreneurs, who better to close us out in style!

 We hope you can join us in Rome on 19th October and tickets are avaliable from here.

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