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Our Crowdfunding Seminar at Social Media Week London

Our last few posts have been all about crowdfunding,  a phenomenon that is picking up pace the world over. The proposed changes in legislation on crowdfunding for equity before the Senate in the USA, if passed, will probably give it another big push. Crowdfunding is set to become a common and effective approach to funding for the future, so why not learn a bit more about it? It’s never too early to be ready for the next “big thing” in the social web.

We help organisations to understand, identify and create value from the opportunities presented by Social Media and the mindset that underpins it, and our advice on crowdfunding is part of that. Crowdfunding is very rooted in the dynamics of Social Media, i.e. lower barriers to entry, the concept of the ‘long tail’, social media reach to name but a few. Our research and work in this area over the past couple of years has, we believe, given us excellent insight to the the practicalities of effective crowdfunding.

Last June, we organised one of the first events on crowdfunding to take place in Scotland, and during Social Media Week, which we curated for Glasgow, there was a very interesting gathering of UK crowdfunding platforms, including GrowVC and WeDidThis. Scotland itself seems to be a very fertile area for crowdfunding, and the buzz around it is growing. Furthermore, we have just completed  our crowdfunding blog series on Social Media Week website, which gave us the opportunity to speak  again with some of the key players in the field, like Crowdcube, Profounder, Fund:it.

We would like to share some of our insights with you. That’s why we are hosting a free seminar on crowdfunding, as part of Social Media Week London, addressed to those who want to learn more about crowdfunding and how it links to the Social Media mindset. Delegates will hear about the options available and how they can develop a strategy for success in their approach to using this new model for raising finance.

Hope to see you there!

Book Here: Crowdfunding – A Concept Whose Time Has Come? – Fri 17, 12-1pm, Hub Westminster,  London

  1. Nice one! Are you live-streaming it? In Hamburg we will be having two session during the SMW covering crowd-funding. One will be hosted by IBM and Finmar (my start-up:-) ), but unfortunately not live-streamed The second session will be a panel-discussion about crowdfunding and its implications on marketing. It will live-streamed – in German though.

    • Clas – Actually no we are not streaming this one, but you can see a brief Crowdfunding video from SMW Glasgow here

      This event will include contributions from Stewart Whyte of McClure Naismith solicitors who will look at some of the legal considerations particularly in the context of equity based crowdfunding 

      Good luck with your events in Hamburg

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