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Kickstarter – The First Six Months in Scotland

Kickstarter – The First Six Months in Scotland

Hard to believe but it is 6 months since Kickstarter began their UK operation. So we took the opportunity to have a look at the presence and performance of Scottish based projects on that platform during that period.

 Infographic of Scotlands first 6 months on KickstarterAt the high level, there have been 47 projects, 32 of which have been successful and 15 of which were unsuccessful. This in itself is interesting as the success rate (68%) is running higher than the Kickstarter average which typically runs around 45 % success rate. These 47 projects sought £699,836 in total funding and the successful projects actually raised £697,592. Now the astute and numerically minded will quickly establish that this would average out at £21,800 per project which is  of course arithmetically correct but it would be a little misleading and here’s why. Amongst the projects were two stand out projects that were disproportionately successful, and step well outside of a standard deviation and so distort the figures a little.  So, with that in mind, if we look at the median value for projects we arrive at a typical project value of £1,461.

 By city, Dundee is the most successful in that all 7 projects launched there were successful, but it is Edinburgh that has raised the most with some 21 successful projects from 28 raising £548,895

 Projects in 11 categories were represented with Design, Film & Video, Games and Music each having 6 projects. Design being the most successful with all 6 projects being successful raising £121,088 in total.

 Of the eye catching projects the greatest total was raised by RunRev in Edinburgh whose project to take the Livecode software open source raised £493,795 from 33442 backers. But in terms of over achieving their target the Omega Titanium Wallet project from Fireti in Aberdeen outstrips all others by starting off looking for £4800 and raising £103,899 – a 2164% success rate! Other notable over achievers include the Brew Test-Bot in Dundee who set out looking for £1,500 and managing £14,859 –  991% success.

 All in all it demonstrates what is possible and so we can only wonder at what the future might hold.

Note: Our method for including projects was that a project must have begun after October 31st 2012 and completed before May 1st 2013. Projects needed to be located in Scotland (thereby excluding projects that, for example, intended to bring a production to the Edinburgh Festival but were, in fact, US based). Where projects were denominated in US Dollars we converted to Sterling at a rate of 1.6. In terms of categories we assigned all projects to the top level category available from the Kickstarter categories

It’s Social Media Week again!

It’s Social Media Week again!

Feels like yesterday that Glasgow was buzzing, tweeting and talking all about Social Media Week 2011.
Now it’s time for another SMW! From this morning to Friday, another 12 cities, including Tokyo, Singapore, Hamburg, Paris, and NYC are going to live the wonderful experience that Glasgow lived six months ago. The UK hub this time will be London, and we wish all the best to the amazing team at Chinwag who are coordinating things in an excellent way!

After the great time we had last year, we thought we couldn’t really miss SMW this time. Even if good part of it will be livestreamed, we wanted to be part of it again as close as we could, that’s why we’re going to London this week, with some of Social Media Glasgow partners.

We will be at the Hub Westminster this Thursday, the 16th of February, from 6pm for  Socially Scotland, a collaborative event with twintangibles, Inner Ear & KILTR to celebrate the impact of Social Media Week in Glasgow and Scotland’s growing digital community, highlighting some of the creative output from schemes initiated during Social Media Week Glasgow, and reviewing the growing opportunities developing in Scotland.

We will share some of the highlights of the week and present the projects and initiatives born as spinoffs from SMWGla. We will also unveil some interesting figures and stats regarding Social Media Week Glasgow: who attended, what sectors were most represented, what the hot topics were, and so on. Here’s a taste of it, some voxpops from the SMWGla review night we organised last November (thanks to the great Inner Ear team):

Creative content communications company Inner Ear will talk about some of the projects they showcased during Social Media Week, including the company’s long running alternative, underground music internet radio station, Radio Magnetic and new streetwise audio walking tours producers Walking Heads. They’ll also present the results of a collaborative spinoff from SMW Glasgow: Spokenherd, a crowdsourced audiobook.

Kiltr, the rising niche network for anyone with an interest in Scotland, will take the opportunity to meet its members and discuss the latest developments of the network including the forthcoming launch of version one.

Scottish craft beer, generously offered by WEST brewery and Ayr Brewing Company, and ‘Scotland’s flavourite’ tea cakes and biscuits offered by Tunnock’s, will be available throughout the event.

Socially Scotland will be a networking opportunity for all Scots in London and for anyone interested in Scotland to get a flavour of what is happening North of the border.

The official hashtag for the event is #smwldngla – Please use it to connect and network!

Join us, be part of it again!

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