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Thanks to the unleashed crowd

What a great night at The Lighthouse! Social Media Unleashed – The Sequel – aired on the 5th floor of the stylish venue, and we had a great time. Despite it being the first sunny evening in Glasgow for weeks, we had a fine audience of about 150 to hear James Gibb of Dell tell us about crowdsourcing through IdeaStorm, John Ayerscough and Kirsty Burnham tell us about their innovative platform SoLoCo and its approach to making crowdfunding a reality for community focused organizations, and the skillful legal brains of Euan Duncan and Stewart Whyte of McClure Naismith help us through the choppy legal aspects of the evening subjects.

Opening the show we even managed a Video Conference  to  a very tropical New York with Toby Daniels of Crowdcentric telling us about Social Media Week and how thrilled he is to see it coming to Glasgow.

Some great question and answers and a few drinks in the doocot cafe bar made for a fine social network and Joe Blairs fine photography captured a good deal of it for posterity. Thanks to everyone involved for making it a great success.

A bit of advice about choice of hash tag seemed to work as well. Choosing a tag that didn’t pool our tweets with American universities and a Dungeon mistress seems to make for perhaps a less diverse stream of tweets, but enough and of such quality that we ended up trending!

Slides will be made available as will more photos, although it may take time for Euan’s detailed and complex slides to be released… 😉

Thanks to all and be sure to book your place on SMU3 which will take place during Social Media Week – gonna be a big one so watch this space!

Photos credits: Joe Blair –

Horns and Crowds

Horns and Crowds

Mucho BassOver the weekend the West End festival in Glasgow really got underway and Kelvingrove Park was packed with carnivals, funfairs, people and music.
On the main stage was one of my favourite bands Captain Slackships Mezzanine Allstars a sensational reggae band with the best horn section in Scotland. Now, as I once earned my living as  a singer in a reggae band I love to revisit my misspent youth by following the Captain and his crew, and whenever a top class reggae band visits Glasgow it is almost invariably this jolly piratical group that fills the support slot. So seeing them on Sunday reminded me of a discussion I had at one of those gigs a few months back when, as is often the case, the main act had horns provided by keyboards and the Captains team frankly blew them away. The reasons a lot of touring bands don’t bring horn sections is cost. If you were Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes – probably the best horn section in the world (no universe) – then it would be unthinkable, but too many reggae bands (IMHO) seem to think that it is an optional extra. So, in the spirit of endeavouring to find a solution, somewhere mid set of The Wailers at The Arches we hit upon a plan – why not crowdsource the horns. Seriously! Now hear me out on this!  What you do is tell your fans you are touring, that you want a horn section, put the pieces on You Tube and ask for a horn section to come together in each location to do the honours. You could even audition them by SKYPE or during the soundcheck or something. The horns get the kudos of being – well in the case of the Wailers – honorary Wailers for the night – job done.

Now – don’t tell me it’s not possible. If you don’t believe it then check this out …..yes I know I have tweeted it before but it is just well…uplifting.

If you want to know a bit more about crowdsourcing – there are still a few places left at Social Media Unleashed 2 on Thursday night where you can hear how Dell do it. No horn section though.

In the meantime why not buy a Captain Slackships CD or download a track – and no, I don’t get royalties.


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