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Social Media Week Glasgow – The Report

Social Media Week Glasgow – The Report

As many of you know the first Social Media Week 2012 has just taken place with London as the UK host city and as part of that we attended and delivered an event on Thursday evening called Socially Scotland, alongside Inner Ear and KILTR. The event was in part sponsored by McClure Naismith and made all the sweeter thanks to the generosity of Tunnocks, WEST Beer and the Ayr Brewing company. Our sincere thanks to you all.

Our part in the evening was to give an overview of the scope and impact of Social Media Week 2011 in Glasgow.

The curation of an event like Social Media Week is a significant undertaking. Even though it is a crowdsourced event, and most of the events are created by participants, there is still a great deal of time, effort and worry involved in making it happen.

When we started the process of pulling together the Glasgow end of that with our colleagues at New Media Corp pretty much no-one we spoke to had heard of it despite it already being a colossal global presence. This meant that when we were speaking to potential sponsors and partners we had to do a lot of explaining. What was particularly challenging was to explain that we had little idea who would take part, the number of events, the nature of event hosts, because of the crowdsourced format. Most similar events are highly targeted and base their offer on a highly defined set of characteristics. Social Media Week is not like that and what has gone before may well not reflect the nature of the next iteration. So for those that did get on board, it was a leap of faith and we salute their courage and vision. None regrets it. Some that didn’t probably do.

That said, we felt it was well worth trying to understand a bit more about what happened last September. Who came, what they covered, and capture for posterity some record of a week that for us will remain long in the memory and stand as an endorsement of something we are very proud of, as should all those people that made it happen.

To do that we collated a good deal of quantitative data, ran a review evening for some more qualitative feedback, and completed the delivery of some legacy projects for Creative Scotland that formed part of their investment in the week’s success.

We have drawn that material together into the form of a report that we now share with you, because it was your week as Alan Bisset put it in the promotional video.

We hope you enjoy the report, find it interesting, share it, comment on it and look back as fondly as we do to “That Week” in September 2011.

Crowdfunding leads to GOOD

Crowdfunding leads to GOOD

Last Friday we presented a very popular seminar on Crowdfunding alongside Stewart Whyte of McClure Naismith solicitors.

In a lively and engaging event that was part of Social Media Week London, we covered off the fundamentals of what crowdfunding actually is, how it has a strong relationship to social technologies and key aspects of the mindset and dynamics of a highly connected society. We also looked at elements you should take into account when considering a crowdfunding campaign and the legal complexities of equity-based crowdfunding and we emphasised the importance of taking good legal advice if you plan to move down that path. You can access the twintangibles slide pack here and the tweetdoc here, including all the lively discussion going on on twitter during the event.

It is sad, then, to hear about the closure of Profounder – a site that was dedicated to trying to guide US based companies through the complexity of securities law in the US (which varies considerably State to State). The platform had originated as a transactional platform but moved into the realms of guidance and compliance mode helping companies to a point where they could consider raising capital within the limited constraints permitted by the legislation at present. Only a couple of weeks ago I had a long conversation with Dana Mauriello, who along with Jessica Jackley of Kiva fame, co-founded Profounder. Dana was still enthusiastic then about the prospects for Profounder and passionate about helping companies grow through access to much needed capital.

The moral of the story is that the legal complexities of equity based funding means you absolutely need good advice, and that the US has some way to go before being as equity crowdfunding-friendly as the UK.

The good news is that Dana and Jessica will be taking their expertise on to GOOD. If you dont know then GOOD describe themselves as “a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward. Since 2006 we’ve been making a magazine, videos, and events for people who give a damn.” That sounds pretty damn good to us!

We at twintangibles wish them both well and look forward to hearing about their next ventures.

A Cafe for Conversation and Social Knowledge

I was asked some months ago to assist a masters student in some research they were undertaking into the role of conversation in knowledge exchange. The intention was to look at the challenges and barriers to communication and what techniques and approaches can help overcome them especially in an organisational environment. Last week I got to see the paper she produced and it makes for a fascinating read.

It’s a fascinating topic and we have touched upon the importance of talking and conversation in the nurturing of social knowledge in this blog before. It is particularly interesting when you consider the aspect of generating high touch conversational aspects of social media and how the various tools that currently underpin the social media mindset have both strengths and weaknesses in that process.

The research was particularly interested in how one particular technique can be used to strengthen communication and knowledge activities, and if it had particular benefits through specifically acknowledging and mitigating some of the barriers that can often strangle good conversation.

That technique is known as a Knowledge Café – a deceptively simple but remarkably effective tool developed by David Gurteen. Both Daniela and I have known David for a number of years and have used the technique in the past, and have attended Dave’s training sessions where he can effectively describe the subtle elements that when applied and understood make the approach so successful.

I would like to take the idea and move it into something that is enhanced for application via social media platforms, with specific advice on how to make the best of this in an online mode, but that will have to wait till after Social Media Week.

However if you have never investigated this technique but would like to know more I would heartily recommend that you check David’s extensive website out at and get along to one of David’s regular training sessions. The next one  is on Tuesday 13 September, at the RSA in central London. So plenty of time to get to that and back to Glasgow for Social Media Week.

It’s fascinating how traditional cafes work though and I just want to say a big thanks to Martin Jack – or Jacky to his friends – for making Business Banter such a success. We love it and you deserved the back slaps you got on its first birthday on Friday. Well done mate!

Busy Times

You haven’t been hearing from us for a while, so just a brief post to update you on what twintangibles have been doing in the past few weeks.

As you know, on the 9th of June we will be hosting a new Social Media Unleashed event at the Lighthouse, in collaboration with our friend Arvind from New Media Corp. Things are finally getting together and a post about the theme and some of the speakers of SMU2 will follow shortly.

We have been doing some preparation for running a couple of our heads-on hands-on introductory workshops on Social Media in the next couple of weeks. You will find all details here..please spread the word!

We have also been finalising our paper for MSKE 2011, which will take place in July in Portugal. We will be presenting a case study on the use of Social Media in the brewery sector, as part of our ongoing research activity.

We’ve been doing a lot of networking as well.. A special mention goes here to our friend Jackie and all the wonderful banterers at the Thursday’s TDBB at Esquire’s coffee. Without forgetting anyone, we take the chance to thank in particular Jim of Shirlaws and Benedetto of The Loft Creative Studios for their wisdom and insight!

Last but absolutely not least, we found ourselves totally overwhelmed by the successful outcome of the application to bring Social Media Week to Glasgow!!! Great news for our city, proud UK host of this exciting global event. We have been in a continuous brainstorming session with – guess who – Arvind again (crazy minds think alike..) since last Wednesday, date of the global launch.. We are doing our best to make SMW Glasgow a most successful and useful event for everybody.  But we want you to be involved too! Please follow @smwglasgow on twitter and spread the word, stop by our FB page and like us, not just for the sake of liking us, join or start the conversation, share your views with us, tell us what you want to see at #SMWGla, you can be part of it too.. that’s the right spirit, join in!

More to come…have a wonderful week everyone!


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