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Digital Opportunity Becomes Digital Resilience

Maybe, because of covid-19, instead of stressing the opportunities that new digital and novel approaches offer, we should perhaps be stressing the resilience they provide instead.

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Psst! Want to get into P2P? How about being an AR?

As the world of alternative and crowd finance grows in both scale and acceptability, more and more organisations are recognising the relevance that it can have to them and their sector. But seeing the opportunity and being able to access it are often quite different things. Not

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Podcast – Crowdfunding in Nigeria – with Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes

It is sometimes easy to forget just how global crowdfunding is becoming. With the dominant position the UK holds as a centre for crowdfunding and the sheer volume of activity coming out of the USA, the chatter on the topic can tend to become very localised and

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The UK Government asks – How do we grow and spread crowdfunding?

Using our framework will help the UK Government grow crowdfunding in line with its industrial strategy. In January of this year the UK Government published a green paper called Building our Industrial Strategy with the stated aim to: “build on our strengths and extend excellence into the

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More a Whimper Than a Big Bang?

Reflecting on a slowish start for Equity Crowdfunding in the USA – are there real issues and, if so, what are they?

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