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The Principles of Crowdfunding

The Principles of Crowdfunding

Understanding the key principles that lie behind crowdfunding is important. This series of posts introduces some of the key ones beginning with The Long Tail and Atomisation

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An interview with Marketlend CEO – Leo Tyndall

Marketlend is a new Australian lending platform founded and led by Leo Tyndall. Launched in the same week that the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) of Australia released its “blueprint” for the Australian financial system for the next ten years, this new platform shows how innovation in financial

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Misguided, Risk Creating Regulations

One of the great challenges with the pace of development in technology and the innovations that emerge from it allowing us to do things differently, faster and cheaper is that the regulations that have traditionally governed these transactions lag far behind. This is largely because the processes that create these rules, laws and standards have not accelerated or become more inclusive.

The result? Industrial age laws irrelevant, ill suited or obsolete in the digital world.

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Shorter is Generally Better – Components of a Good Crowdfunding Campaign 6

It might seem that a longer campaign is a better idea as it gives more opportunity for funding but this is very rarely the case. A sense of urgency and time pressure is generally helpful for all concerned. The principle of “the burning platform” works well in

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