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Civic Crowdfunding, an alternative approach to growth (by Alessio Barollo)

Introducing crowdfunding to Italy? We did that with the 2012 conference. With this new edition, the goal Tim and I have set to ourselves is to put together and compare experts from various fields ( economics, computer science , architecture, crowdfunding ) united by projects or ideas about the potential of communities (both online and offline ) to develop , implement and fund shared projects. Shared among all stakeholders involved in the future of the city, i.e. citizens (obviously), administrations , associations and businesses. What we’d like to get from their contributions are visions and perspectives in order to spread participatory planning methods 2.0, of which the civic crowdfunding is part in Italy, through examples and proposals.

We’ll try to project the method in a possible future development in order to provide an alternative, and to propose solutions to unlock the creativity of the community and demonstrate that innovation may be able to support us. Francesco Cingolani, architect, blogger and one of the foremost experts and scholars of participatory planning in Europe (an example is his project Dreamhamar), will talk about this.

Sticking to the the world of architecture and collaboration, we will have a video contribution from ZUS, who have designed and co-managed one of the most interesting European and global civic crowdfunding projects, i.e the pedestrian walkway in Rotterdam, and proposing the re-use of buildings in disuse through the so called “on time” urbanism ( you will hear from their words the meaning of this) , and by doing so increase their real estate value.

However, civic crowdfunding is not aimed only to the construction of buildings, but also to trigger a social rehabilitation through the activation of social and educational projects . The dynamics of which we will talk about with Emanuele J. Pilia, critic, curator and editor in the field of architecture with a particular attention to the interactions between imaginary and cities.

And then we’ll have Angelo Rindone with us. Suffice to say he is the founder of the first crowdfunding platform in the world, Produzioni dal Basso, born even before the word “crowdfunding “, to appreciate his skills as an innovator in anticipating the times.

We must not forget the economic aspect in all this , so we invited Stefano Stortone, who is building a direct experience of the efficient use of resources through participatory budgeting, but also of the activation of processes of direct / participatory democracy, where participation ( through direct and proxy voting) is directed to specific issues and / or to projects and not to persons and political programs.

We’ll focus also on people as a key element for development, and we’ll have the people at Rhizomatica telling us about their project. They work in order to let people in developing countries communicate and create communities, by providing them with mobile technology.

Not enough? No problems, I’m not done yet. To moderate this rich group of experts, we will rely on the expert hands of Chiara Spinelli , a name you can trust when it comes to crowdfunding , who will put her experience but also his ideas to the service of the public and the panelists.

Tim and I (Alessio Barollo ) and all the speakers are ready to tell you about a new way of building cities.

Tickets for the conference are available here.

[This post was originally published in Italian on crowdfuture’s blog]

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