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Glasgow is going social again

As you may have heard, Social Media Week is coming back to Glasgow 24th – 28th September. Looks like Glasgow did a nice job last year, give yourselves a round of applause. And we at twintangibles are happy to be part of it again this year for another week of creativity, collaboration, innovation, connectivity and sharing with a global audience.

Last year many of you didn’t know us and what we it is that we do. ‘Event organisers’ was probably the most popular guess. By now we hope you have a clearer idea, not only of what twintangibles is, but especially of the connection we have with this global event.

But in case you don’t know here is a quick review. We first got involved with Social Media Week because we liked its vision and objectives – a worldwide event to explore the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. At twintangibles we have always focused our work on assisting organisations to understand, identify and create value from the opportunities presented by Social Media and the mindset that underpins it.

For us it’s always been important to help people understand how social technologies have revolutionised the way we interact with the world and how we relate to it, both individually and collectively. We need to constantly remind both ourselves and others that new generations will have never known the world without the “social“ and their attitudes and mental processes are shaped by and through these new technologies. This presents us with challenges and tremendous opportunity to re-think our approaches to almost every aspect of our daily lives. Understanding the diversity of application of these technologies is crucial. Day after day we encounter interesting initiatives in all sectors, students doing the most innovative research, and we hear of innovative projects we could have never thought of, empowered by the use of social technologies. Everything is connected by one only common denominator: social media influence and empowerment.

Social Media Week is the perfect “event” to showcase the diverse application of Social Media not least because it is crowdsourced, emergent and created by you, individually and all together. And it’s an event that not only demonstrates diversity and innovation around the globe, but also inspires us to be even more creative, to think differently, and to connect all the points of a global social world. It also encourages us to think big: anything is possible. We can reinvent ourselves and be whoever we want, connect and participate as never before through the power of digital technologies to liberated voices, talents, distribution, capital. Social Media Week is an amazing window on to all this, and we are delighted and honoured to be part of it again along with all of you.

As curators, we will do our best to ensure that Glasgow adds something of great value to the global conversation that will be going on in that week around the theme ‘empowering change through collaboration‘. This is the 2012 theme devised by non other than the Global Curator of Social Media Week Don Tapscott who we had the honour of having as our closing keynote speaker last year.

Another reason why we decided to put Glasgow forward again this year is because we know we can count even more on your support, collaboration and help. On Tuesday after the first ‘soft’ announcement was made that Glasgow will be one of the participating cities, we quickly noticed a good “buzz” on twitter. It’s all very exciting already and we are really looking forward to the 2nd of May when the full line up of cities will be announced and we can begin the process of building a fantastic week with you. If you want to get involved or to know more about this global event as it emerges, go to SMW Glasgow website or email us here.

Daniela & Tim

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