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Visited the Scottish Enterprise funded Inbound Marketing event at Radisson Blu Glasgow on Friday and enjoyed what I had time to stay for. Now we take time to explain that Social Media is much much more than marketing whilst recognising that a great deal of the debate is stuck in that rut. By the same token inbound marketing is about much more than social media, nevertheless the event was well worth the visit.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp did a good job as MC and made some interesting comment about the historical aspect of networks which chimed well with what we say with regard to the re-emergence of engagement. The importance of social knowledge, whilst not directly referred to, is clearly beginning to take hold with the marketing community.

There were no revelatory moments but the information shared was sound and well communicated and Kirsten Knipp of Hubspot was engaging and informative – although it’s the first time I have seen a slide that actually used the word “gotten” without a hint of irony for some time.

One of the nice aspects of this type of event is that it does represent a good networking opportunity, making new connections and catching with old friends and, with such a well attended event, it was worth the time for that alone. As I had to leave before it was all over, I wondered if my half time review would get me the promised copy of the Halligan and Shah book Inbound Marketing, but it did – huzzah. Haven’t read it yet of course but intrigued by the statement on the front which says “get found using Google, social media and blogs” – hmmm? Interesting idea that blogs aren’t social media, lets see how the rest of it shapes up.

Worth going and should it come up again soon then I would recommend you take the time – well done chaps. In the meantime you can see a good deal of it using the link below

Inbound Marketing event at Radisson Blu

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