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Our expert consultancy services are founded in sound research and experience. We provide accurate and specific insight to organisations that wish to understand more about the way to create value from crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Open Innovation and Knowledge Management.

Our advice and consultancy is appropriate for all organisations regardless of sector and size. Our clients include international bodies, governmental and civic organisations, public and charitable groups and SMEs. Our services are wide ranging but to help you understand how we can we offer below some typical services clients often look for.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation simply contact us

Strategic Advice & Development

Creating enduring  value from crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, or innovation requires that you integrate these activities strategically with what you do, or realign to accommodate it. We can help you understand the value of crowdassets for your organisation,  audit where you are,  and help you plan for success.


Our research services produce insight and assets for an organisations own internal use, or as publicly available resources for marketing, positioning and credibility purposes, badged by twintangbels or your organisation.  We are the independent voice that can help clarify things for you. So if , for example, you are wondering how crowdfunding might disrupt your sector or present new opportunity for you then contact us.


Sometimes its a bit of guidance and hands on help that you need. Our workshops, training and education services are highly regarded and can be delivered in house tailored to your needs. Alternatively come along to one of our workshops and meet other like minded people.


Call: +44(0)7717 714 595

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