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Our research programme primarily in the field of social and collaborative technologies and the opportunities that emerge form their effective use.

We provide busy leaders and decision makers with the insight they need to create value for their organisation

This work includes both commissioned work for clients and self initiated research. Some the areas of particular interest for us include crowdsouring, crowdfunding and knowledge management and intangible assets.

Our research takes three main forms, commissioned, self initiated and collaborative.

If you would like to know how we can help your organisation through our research work simply contact us

Commissioned Research

Clients commission us to provide them with insight about their own organisations, the sector they operate in and emerging opportunities that are presented by the impact and possibilities of social technologies. The resulting work can be private reports and resources to support decision making, training or validate their own activities. Alternatively it may be a publicly shared product which could be sole branded with the clients livery, or co branded with twintangibles. The work can be sectoral, functional, geographical or platform bounded work – as the needs of the client dictate.

Self Initiated Research

Our own research helps to create unique insights which we share through publishing reports, papers, webcasts, seminars, workshops and presentations. twintangibles work has been incorporated into books and used by international bodies to inform their work and is widely respected and quoted.

Collaborative Research

We often work with partners to create work that brings together diverse and complimentary expertise, particularly at the intersection of specific disciplines and sectors and the emerging impact of social tools. So, for example, our work in civic crowdfunding sees us work with architects, planners and civic bodies.

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