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Putting Social Media to Work – So Much Business Potential

Last Tuesday we ran a seminar called Social Media at Work at the Think Digital event at Glasgow’s iconic Lighthouse. The session was a great success, standing room only I am pleased to say, and its contention, that there is so much more than marketing that you can do with social technologies to dramatically transform your business,  is one we have addressed before and it seems to be hitting home.

We began by setting out the nature of the change being as much behavioural as technical, and demonstrating its sustained growth.

To coach delegates in the way to analyse the possibilities for their business, we highlighted that there are plenty of existing, standard and well understood frameworks like McKinsey’s 7s or Porters Value Chain  that can be used to quickly highlight possibilities and opportunities. To expand the point we chose a few examples of organisations already engaged in the process of seizing the possibilities.

Our final point was to say that each organisation will have different approach and respond in a variety of ways from incremental to disruptive. The main point was – think about it because it is happening.

A great show, run by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, well attended and with some fine speakers like Alex Neil MSP, Gregor Lawson from Morphsuits, and Markus Lampinen of GrowVC, and with Google, Dell, Vodafone and Microsoft all represented. Great to see our good friend Arvind Salwan of New Media Corp, with whom we co-curated Social Media Week Glasgow, chairing so expertly.

As usual our slides are available here, and you can find other material on our resources page.

If you want to have a further discussion about any of the points raised, or if we can advise and coach your business to make the most of social technologies, then do feel free to get in touch using the form and contact details available below.

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