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The Scottish Crowdfunding Report 2016

The review of the state of crowdfunding in Scotland

Following up on the 2013 report and supported by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Santander, HarperMacLeod an Lending Crowd this report contains overview, analysis, data and case studies and demonstrates how much the sector has developed in the last three years.

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Crowdfunding To Win

Our new book – to be published 2021

Crowdfunding is about a lot more than money.

To truly “Win” at crowdfunding you need to not only reach your financial target but ensure you secure all of the additional and unique benefits that make crowdfunding better than traditional funding.

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Crowdfunding - Come finanziarsi online

Crowdfunding – Come finanziarsi online

Crowdfunding – Come finanziarsi online

Our Italian language crowdfunding book is a guide and set of essential tools to allow you to enter the world of crowdfunding successfully and to make the most of the new crowd economy. The book explores the origins and history of crowdfunding, What makes it different and, most importantly, how to create a successful campaign. 5* rated on Amazon and described as “Required reading.”
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DIY Crowdfunding

DIY or Do It Yourself Crowdfunding is a rapidly emerging trend in the crowdfunding sector

In this model the crowdfunder decides not to use a third party or popular crowdfunding platform and chooses instead to run the entire project themselves

Popular for a range of reasons, not least the often lower cost of running a project, this approach is behind the multi million Dollar Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign.

If you want to learn how to run a DIY campaign and what to consider, where to look, or just understand why more and more crowdfunders are choosing this approach then this is the report of you

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Crowdfunding – The Scottish Perspective

This report was commissioned by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and is the most comprehensive review of the attitude and uptake of crowdfunding in Scotland

Based on extensive interviews with platforms, project owners and funders, and associated and interested bodies  and survey based data from Scottish businesses the report introduces the concept of crowdfunding before presenting its findings.

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Civic Crowdfunding – A Proposal

Written in collaboration with Arch. Alessio Barollo, this report comments on the current state of civic crowdfunding in Europe and in the US, giving an overview on the biggest platforms and the most interesting projects. In the report, we also propose a form of active citizenship through a new model of civic crowdfunding for Italy, which could be replicated elsewhere. It is a process that could resolve the shortage of capital at the local government level, and could also serve to bring people closer to those institutions, increasing respect for the public good and implementing a model of active citizenship and participatory innovation.
The report has been published in Italian in March and it is now available in English, thanks to the translation kindly provided by Web-Translations.
The paper is free to download but we ask that you provide us with a contact email address

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Getting Something Brewing

This paper was presented at the MSKE Conference in Portugal in 2011 builds on survey and practical client work with Scottish Craft brewers and sets out the possibilities for collaborative technologies, Social Media and social and relationship capital to be used by craft breweries and brewers to create value. Amongst other ideas discussed it identifies crowdfunding as a valuable potential outcome for small breweries

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