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Crowdfunding To Win

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Due for publication 2021

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Crowdfunding is an important and enduring approach to creating funding but it’s about a lot more than money!

To truly “Win” at crowdfunding you need to both reach your financial target and ensure you secure all of the additional and unique benefits that make crowdfunding better than traditional funding.

This book will help you to win by :

  • Explaining the distinctive characteristics of crowdfunding and what makes it so unique so that you fully understand the wealth of value to be gained from crowdfunding.
  • Helping you position your campaign strategically to maximise the returns from your efforts.
  • Identifying gaps in your planning and thinking that you need to close.
  • Finding the right method for you.
  • Sharing a structured analysis and planning approach to build and execute a solid and successful campaign.

Crowdfunding is hard and  success rates remain low. If you run a crowdfunding campaign you have about a 30% chance of success which  means about 70% of campaigns fail to meet even their financial targets.

The wide range of options and choices in crowdfunding can be confusing, how do you choose? Working with a crowd is complex, its not about broadcasting, what is the best way to operate? Crowdfunding is different to other finance but do you know what those differences are?

Poor planning, poor understanding, poor alignment with your business aims, and poor execution are all things which will undermine a crowdfunding campaign. Do you want to avoid these pitfalls?

The good news is that there is a process that we have developed that can help you answer all of these questions. We have used it to help many crowdfunders raise hundreds of thousands of pounds and to build campaigns that deliver much more than money. We call it the TAMP process. A four stage process it offers a logical and structured approach to analysing the opportunity, assessing your readiness, developing the right choice and planning a sound and manageable campaign to help you crowdfund to win.

This book explains that process and is the most complete crowdfunding preparation tool available. Buy it, read it and prepare to crowdfund to win.


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