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Slides & Presentations

A selection of some of our slides and presentations


An Introduction to the Practice of Crowdfunding – Glasgow 2014

Presenter – Tim Wright
A set of slides used at the University of Glasgow setting out the fundamentals of crowdfunding, and the process of constructing a successful campaign using the TAMP process



Crowdfunding – The First Choice, New Funding, Better Funding
Deep Impact Crowdfunding 2014
Presenter – Tim Wright

These slides were used by Tim Wright at the Deep Impact Crowdfunding Conference 2014. The session explored what makes crowdfunding the funding of choice despite it being hard work and with relatively low success rates.



Social Media at Work
Think Digital 2012
Presenter – Tim Wright

The paper was presented as part of the Think Digital Event and sets out the diversity of applications and opportunities for social technologies in a business context with an examples on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and social customer care and open leadership



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