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SMU2 – Meet DELL and learn about crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing – know what it is? We heard a little about it at Social Media Unleashed when Richard Moir of CISCO touched on the I-Prize competition. What about crowdsourcing’s  little brother crowdfunding?  Spoken to any people practicing it recently?

If you answered no to any of the above then why not register for Social Media Unleashed 2 to find out a bit more in the company of speakers from leading organisations in the field like Dell and learn from their experience.

Jeff Howe – the man credited with coining the term crowdsourcing in 2006 describes it as

“When a company takes a job that was once performed by employees and outsource it in the form of an open call  to a large undefined group of  people generally using the internet”

There are nuances to this but it remains a sound description. What it sometimes doesn’t convey is the wealth of opportunity this represents.

Since that time it has become increasingly widely accepted as not just a valid approach to addressing perennial business challenges, but a mechanism that can present entirely new and disruptive business models. It is seen in many many areas, including R&D, content generation, innovation and fundraising to name but a few. But under it all the important factor is that it is tapping into what we refer to as the social media mindset.

In keeping with our aim to broaden out the appreciation and understanding of how the social media mindset is impacting society, economy and culture, SMU2 is an opportunity to learn a little more about crowdsourcing.

You can join us to hear how Dell used crowdsourcing for its Idea Storm and generated thousands of innovative ideas for their products. Experts will explain some of the key legal considerations when thinking of engaging in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, and you get the chance to network with a fascinating group of  people in the sophisticated surroundings of  The Lighthouse.

Register here to ensure you place – remember SMU was over subscribed and some were disappointed they could get a place – so don’t miss out this time!

Don’t forget SMU2 is free!

Register me for SMU2

The SMU series is a jointly produced by twintangibles and New Media Corp , the people bringing Social Media Week to Glasgow


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