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Social Media Unleashed: the show

Two weeks ago Social Media Unleashed took place. It was a great success and – as promised – we are now sharing it with those of you who couldn’t be there, and of course with those of you who were there and had not enough of it!

Apart from some of the presentations that you can access through our events page, the videos of the event are now available on twintangibles channel. Yes, leave YouTube  for a while and have a look at this new thrilling “social” idea. is a video social network, set to be a big one in the crowded market of social media. 12,000 users after only 10 days of launch makes  it one of the fastest growing start-ups ever. Their ambition is to be recognised as the leading video social network for the business community, the alternative to the giant YouTube. A bit like what the ‘grown-up’ LinkedIn is to Facebook, they suggest.

What is the secret of their success? To sum up: forward-thinking and moving with the times. They managed to put together in one platform two of the trends most likely to prevail in the Social Media landscape in the near future: video engagement and online content aggregation. branded channels centralise and manage all your videos, blogs and social media posts, functioning as a powerful marketing tool for your business. A free iPhone app is also available, allowing users to upload videos to their site while on the go. And at they keep on thinking forward, announcing new and enhanced features day after day: video comments and video messaging to name a couple.

All you have to do is go to twintangibles channel, sit back and enjoy the show..and if you haven’t done it yet, create your own channel on and follow us…new exciting events coming soon!

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