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When is a Crowd not a Crowd?

Size matters in certain circumstances but crowds are not just a numbers game. The key aspect which makes the crowd so valuable is diversity.

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Crowdfunder Launches Community Shares Service – podcast

This week the UK’s biggest reward crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder, announced a partnership with the Community Shares Company so that they can offer Community Share project through their site. We have spoken to Jamie Veitch of the Sheffield Live Community Shares Campaign in a previous post and so

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Heresy – The Reformation of finance

Many people refer to crowdfunding as the democratisation of finance, I am one of them. But speaking in the Netherlands recently I realised that in fact we are experiencing a much more profound change. It is in fact the Reformation of Finance and I am a heretic.

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Regulating Crowdfunding – Key Considerations

These slides and the associated text were used as part of my Keynote address to the first ever National Crowdfunding Conference in Hyderabad India in March 2015. My subject was – The Regulation of Crowdfunding, Key Considerations – and concluded that thus far no regulator has got

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